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Proven, Life-Saving Tornado Shelters


Tested by Texas Tech's Wind Science Institute and proven in real-life tornadoes, ArmorVault's

tornado shelters are designed to withstand even the fiercest storms Tornado Alley has to offer.


An ArmorVault tornado shelter does not require expensive excavation, modification to your property,

or any complex piping and tunneling. Our systems are confidently designed to withstand direct wind and debris above ground, including withstanding the collapse of any structure. They can even be installed in your garage! This makes our tornado shelters more affordable than below-ground shelters, easier to accommodate in small properties, and easier to access in an emergency.

Expertly crafted by American workers

Would you trust your safety to a machine-built product, or would you rather trust a local American worker who has witnessed the terrible havoc that tornados wreak?


At ArmorVault we're personally vested in you and your family's safety. We're locally-owned and operated, right in Oklahoma City. We've developed our tornado shelters to personally take on the fight against tornado deaths and injuries.

Shock and debris-proof

When we say tested, we're

not referring to hypothetical models and computer simulations. Texas Tech launched literal debris and airborne missiles at our shelters at speeds comparable to an F-5 tornado, proving their safety in the face of impacts.

Withstands F-5+ forces

F-5 tornados are capable of exerting 4,980 pounds of force on a structure at 300 mph. So we built our tornado vaults to bolster 133,000 pounds of shear strength and 132,520 pounds of tension strength.


No tornado of any size will ever compromise an ArmorVault.

ArmorVault tornado shelters are built to withstand over 26 times the strongest tornado's forces.

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