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Protect Your Investments With an American-made Safe

It's simple, folks: Even if your home and belongings are insured, the almighty pen, paper and insurance policies can't rescue your original items in the event of a burglary. Sure, you might be able to get some of your firearms, jewelry and keepsakes replaced - but not all of them, and not your originals.


We make guaranteed protection simple. We build safes and gun vaults that leave even the most earnest thief scratching his head in frustration, and your prized firearms and valuables 100% secure.

Over-built with purpose, to better protect

At ArmorVault we believe you deserve the best protection a safe could ever offer. That's why your new safe will be constructed with only the finest materials at the hands of an experienced craftsman.


Your ArmorVault safe will be formed using a 200-ton (that's

400,000 pounds) industrial press brake, ensuring perfect seams

and uniform protection. Your vault's door will be expertly inset, eliminating the possibility of prying. All ArmorVault safes are fabricated using 1/4" A-36 hardened steel - the same steel used to build deep-ocean oil rigs, and even the Golden Gate Bridge.

Unique locking solution

New ArmorVault safe will feature an industry-leading locking mechanism that is pick and punch-proof. View our Features page to learn more. Contact us today with your questions and inquiries, and we'll happily answer!

No exposed weakness

ArmorVault safes are completely seamless, exposing no hinges, destructible handles or

dials. It's just another way

we innovate beyond any

other brand of safe, to

provide you better protection.

ArmorVault safes are 100% American-made, and all hinges are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

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