How sensible can you get?

Did you ever think about how bad you would feel, if after years of collecting guns, coins, and heirlooms, your home was burglarized and you were RIPPED-OFF? That terrible feeling would no doubt be intensified if you were not fully insured, and surveys show that many households are not. Statistics also reveal that most valuables are never recovered, and in many cases money cannot replace the sentimental value you have attached to your possessions.

For these important reasons Southwest Engineering has created ArmorVault™, the ultimate in security for your most prized possessions. Southwest Engineering believes you deserve the best, and that is why our vaults are fabricated with the highest quality steel products. Dedicated to fine craftsmanship in every detail, the entire body and door of the ArmorVault™ is formed by a 200 TON press break, thereby creating perfectly rounded radius seams. The door is inset into the front of the vault, thereby eliminating access with any kind of prying tool. There are no sharp corners or exposed welds, and ArmorVault™ is constructed from 1/4" formed steel plate. *Only high quality A-36 steel plate is used in its construction.

Southwest Engineering believes that you want a sensible approach to the business of protecting your valuable investments. Now you have a real inflation fighter because you will be able to invest in precious metals, guns, or coins without having to worry about the security of these valuables. You can eliminate loss due to theft by investing in the finest home vault made in today's market. ArmorVault™ is the answer to your concerns about security.

   *Models 501 and 601 are formed with lighter materials.
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Don't wait until your family heirlooms, guns, and other precious items are stolen. Keep your valuables secure with an ArmorVault™ from Southwest Engineering and enjoy these standard features.
  • Standard color is gray, high gloss enamel paint.
  • We also offer wide variety of Custom colors in metallic acrylic enamel
  • Enamel textured finish
  • Fully upholstered bar racks.
  • Right or left door openings.
  • Interior concealed hinges.
  • Gold or Silver accent pin stripe.
  • Fully adjustable shelf brackets.
  • Fully upholstered top, shelves, and bottom

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