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Unmatched gun safe fireproofing

Burglary isn't uncommon, but your guns and valuables are at greater risk of destruction by fire. Shouldn't your safe defend against heat just as well as it deters thieves?


ArmorVault has developed an industry-leading fireproofing solution. Using U.L.-Approved Fire Roc lining, your ArmorVault safe system - and your guns and valuables - will better protect against heat and open flame.

Multipler layers, better fire protection

Quality fireproofing doesn't have to be scientific. We didn't try to

reinvent the wheel, we simply took the industry's best, proven fireproofing material, and then doubled down.


We layer each ArmorVault safe with two layers of Fire-Roc

thermal insulation. Each layer alone is rated to resist a one-

hour fire with temperatures up to 1,250°F. We add an additional steel wall all around the safe with the fireproof liner placed between for maximum fire protection.

Thicker fireproof layers

Fire-Roc is the industry's

best fireproofing material, but it comes in different thicknesses, which affects how much it can withstand. We don't cut corners. We only use 5/8" thick layers which means our safes are up to 4 to 6 times more fireproof than other brands.

Fireproof seals

Our ArmorVault safes are better protected against heat than any other solution, but most safes fail from heat where the door meets the vault. So we over- built that too: Through our own design, ArmorVault door seals are rated to withstand temperatures over 2000°F.

You'll be impressed with our exceptional customer service!

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