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"Why an ArmorVault safe?"

Simple: Our safes are better. They do away with external dials, handles and locks. If exposed, these mechanisms could be broken, chiseled, or drilled to gain forced entry - and cost hundreds to repair.


We incorporate the AM 2000 Series lock, built by American Lock Company, welded inside your safe - keeping to our promise of 100% American-made safes. All locks are protected from side drilling by 9 high-carbon steel pins, as well as a heat-treated hard plate to protect against frontal penetration.

Pick and punch-proof safe locks

No matter how hardened your safe, no matter how thick its walls,

the locking mechanism will always be its Achilles' heel. But not at ArmorVault. We took the "pick" out of lock picking, leaving your safe an impenetrable strongbox with no unauthorized access. "How?"


Leverage. Even your professional "Hollywood" thief can't break a lock if he can't physically touch it with any tools. ArmorVault safe locks are safely recessed inside the safe, and turned 90 degrees. That means no pick, punch, drill or blade can access your lock - only your hand, and the key it's designed to accept.

Concealed hinges

When a thief can't break a lock, he gets messy. He tries to break the hinges, winning the fight. Not on an ArmorVault safe. All hinges are recessed and concealed within the door, making them pry-, chisel-, torch- and drill-proof. The thief leaves frustrated, and your belongings stay safe.

Over-built even more

Leverage and lack of tooled thievery wasn't good enough

for us, so we took ArmorVault locks even further. Each safe incorporates 2 positive action locks*, and each uses 6 pins. Even if your lock could be accessed, it could never be picked. Neurotic? Maybe just a tad. But better security? Absolutely guaranteed.

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*Locks can be keyed alike or differently upon request.

Model 705 Hero-(2)