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ArmorVault: Trusted by America's Finest Craftsmen

Wilson Combat is to gun enthusiasts what Ferrari is to car enthusiasts. They craft some of the finest custom long guns, tactical weapons and handguns in the world, and they had this to say about us:


"'BEST QUALITY' For over 100 years, this phrase has evoked images of the finest firearms ever

made. Guns from *Purdy™, *Holland & Holland™, and *Westley Richards™ purchased by famous adventurers, royalty and the captains of industry.


In a similar manner, the name Wilson Combat® carries on this tradition of recognized excellence. Each firearm is carefully crafted and hand fit by a Master Gunsmith. These are men of rare talent who have been with Wilson Combat® from 9 to 20 years. Each one has learned his craft from Bill Wilson, the world renowned competition shooter and Master Craftsman. Just as *Anschutz and *Rolex spend years training their craftsmen, Wilson Combat® also maintains an ongoing program of skills development.


Time and effort are no restriction in the creation of our custom firearms, each is assembled using the finest components and materials available. The desire to own a Wilson Combat® Custom Firearm is analogous to the hunger to possess a Rembrandt, *BMW or other recognized prestige art form. It is simply the desire to own "The Best".


"At Wilson's we produce only the very best. We trust our security to the very best... an ArmorVault™"


Bill Wilson


Wilson's Gun Shop, Inc.

Trusted by professional sportsmen

You may have heard the name Jimmy Houston on TV. That's because Jimmy is one of America's top angler fisherman, and a world-class outdoorsman. Jimmy has twice been titled B.A.S.S.'s "Angler of The Year". He ranks 15th in all-time "Angler of The Year" standings, and has qualified 16 times for the BASS Masters Classic.


Notably, Jimmy hosts "Jimmy Houston Outdoors" on ESPN and

"Jimmy Houston's Sportsman Digest" on ESPN2.


If anyone understands what it means to need the best equipment and safety your sporting industry has to offer, it's him. And he only trusts an ArmorVault safe to protect his firearms and valuables.


Your satisfaction is our top-priority!

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